About Our Business

Our Collection Division provides Attorneys'  business-owner
clients with vigorous collection efforts, including but not limited to
small claims court representation of business owners; preparation of
powers of attorney, attorney-oversight of state court collection
proceedings; bankruptcy court motions to lift the automatic stay of
bankruptcy debtors to obtain order to resume small claims or state
court collection efforts; bankruptcy court opposition to motions by
debtors to avoid liens; attachment of liens to real and personal
property; garnishments of bank accounts and payroll; pre-litigation
orders for attachment to debtors' personal property; and unlawful
detainer evictions from the 3-day and/or 30-day notice to quit to
lockout.  Unlawful detainer work is provided to Tehachapi's Coldwell
Banker Office.

Our Bankruptcy Division uses Best Case Bankruptcy Software
and provides Attorneys complete Bankruptcy Petition Packages in
Chapter 7 and 13 anywhere in the Nation, for the Federal District in
which their Petitions will be filed; including all Schedules, Statement of
Financial Affairs, Means Test Calculations, and financial disclosures;
and Law & Motion.  Our division promptly stops state court
proceedings for judgment and collection against debtors; promptly
stops garnishments of payroll and bank accounts.

Estate Planning Division provides Attorneys complete
preparation of Wills and Revocable Trust Packages and Dynasty
Trusts, including the Trust, Durable Powers of Attorney re Health Care
and Financial Decisions, Pour-Over Will, HIPAA Disclosures,
Advanced Health Care Directive(s), and transfer of personal and real
property into the Trustee's Name.  

Our Family Division provides Attorney Support for complete
Divorces and Marital Settlement Agreements (that survive Bankruptcy);
Ex Parte Applications; Orders for Child Custody, Child/Spousal
Support, and Domestic Violence TRO's; Adoptions, Annulments, Legal
Separations, Civil
Marvin Actions and Equalization Agreements,
Child/Spousal Support and Custody Modifications, Move-Away Orders
and Opposition; Guardianships and Conservatorships and Accountings.

Our Civil Litigation Division provides Attorney Support for all
drafting and final preparation of pleadings and responsive pleadings,
all forms of Discovery and responses thereto; Law & Motion, including,
but not limited to: Motions to Compel; Motions to Compel Further
Responses; Motions for Summary Judgment; Motion for Partial
Adjudication of Issues; Motions in Limine; Ex Parte Applications;
Demurrers; Subpoena of Personal and Business Records; and

"44 Years  
Makes The

Bankruptcy Court Petitions -- Business Owners' Motions For Relief From
Automatic Stay And Owners' Opposition to Debtors' Lien Avoidance --  
Attachment of Liens to Real and Personal Property -- Sister-State
Judgments; Stay of State Court  Proceedings -- Divorces (and Marital
Settlement Agreements that Survive Bankruptcy) -- Legal Separations --
Nullity -- Child Custody & Support -- Civil Marvin Actions -- Grand
Parents Visitation Court Orders -- Wills -- Revocable Living Trusts --
Guardianships -- Conservatorships And Annual Accountings -- Unlawful
Detainers  -- Collections

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