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What Is A Paralegal?  

"Everything Minus 3" aka
"The Broady Principle"

The Major Premise:  

The role of a Seasoned Paralegal is to free up Attorneys' time so Attorneys
can concentrate on their "Core Competencies", to-wit:  

(1)  going to court;

(2)  discussing case strategies with their clients; and

(3)  collecting money.

The Minor Premise:

To the extent to which Paralegals' performance on Attorneys' case, frees up
Attorneys' time permitting them to concentrate on their core competencies;
that level of Paralegal Proficiency defines the Paralegal's  value to the Firm,
the Firm's profits and the Paralegal's longevity.


We satisfy the requirements of the Major Premise and have been around for
over 4 decades for good cause, because we understand that a Paralegal is
Everything Minus 3 -- Paralegals do not go to court; they do not discuss case
strategies with clients and they do not collect money.  

History of CEO/Seasoned Paralegal of Tehachapi Court Services

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Earl C. Broady, Sr., Los Angeles
Superior Court Judge Charles R. Scarlett and Los Angeles Superior Court
Judge Robert L. Roberson, Jr., (Senior Partners of the Law Firm of Broady,
Scarlett & Roberson) were the first attorneys with whom I worked in 1966.
Judge Broady thoroughly appreciated the concept of "Paralegal" long before
the term was vogue. He employed the principles of a Paralegal and The
Broady Principle; and in the process, the Firm became extremely successful,
and is still ongoing by its Successor Law Firm, sixty-three years later.
Prior to taking the bench, Judge Broady, who founded the Firm in 1943,
became a mentor to younger lawyers visiting the law office and seeking out his
wisdom, including Attorney Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.
Judge Broady taught that "If a lawyer does 3 things daily, and 3 things only,
that Attorney has done a good day’s work, to-wit: (1) go to court, (2) come
back from court and discuss case strategy with their clients and (3) collect
money. Everything else you leave to competent people who remain in the law
Quality Control of Staff remaining in the Office, was ensured by the fact that
in order to be considered to work at Broady, Scarlett & Roberson, you had to
be introduced to the Firm by a Judge or an Attorney.  I was brought to the
attention of the Firm by Retired Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, James
N. Reese.
The Firm was a "Generalist" Practice Law Firm that permitted me to learn
the most common, lucrative areas of law practice with which I continue to
assist Attorneys.
In the early 1980s, after the last Senior Partners took the Bench, the Firm of  
Broady, Scarlett & Roberson  became the Successor Law Firm of  Ivie,
McNeil & Wyatt, in Bunker Hills of Downtown Los Angeles.  Attorneys
Rickey ie Ivie
Subsequent to a 10-year tenure at Broady, Scarlett & Roberson,
CEO/Seasoned Paralegal assisted two U.S. Presidential Law Firms, to-wit:
the Law Firm of Adams, Duque & Hazeltine (working with Pamela Rymer,
currently U.S. District Court Magistrate, 9th Circuit; and Attorneys David
Bacon, John Blue, Judge Terry Green and Dick Terzian) --
as well as the Law Firm of Manatt, Phelps, et al.,  (working with Chuck
Manatt, Mickey Kantor, Jay Mulkeen and Paul Hall); --
as well as the Law Firm of Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., now the Cochran Group;
as well as Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law School Graduate, J. Stanley
Sanders, Esq., currently of The Sanders Firm in Los Angeles;
as well as Harvard Law School Graduate, Virgil Roberts, Esq., and UCLA
Law School Graduate, Harry Reynolds, Esq., working as Office Manager in
the Firm's Century City Office.  The Firm was recognized by UCLA Law
School, a year after the Firm's organization, as the fastest rising law firm in
the history of the law school.
as well as USC Law School Graduate, Betty Barrington, Esq., Randall &
Associates, Los Angeles, among others.
CEO/Seasoned Paralegal is grateful to have "stood on the shoulders of Legal
Giants" and why it is important to have taught Law for 27 years to over 1,000
Paralegals in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties.  
CEO/Seasoned Paralegal's
Teaching Platform for 27 years:  Merging the
Theory of text book Substantive Law with the Practice of  Law Office
Procedures.  Too few Paralegal Instructors have taught Theory
Practice, which is the essence of producing instant functionality of Paralegals
when they transition from the classroom to the law office.  The Teaching
Platform was bottomed in The Broady Principle.
CEO/Seasoned Paralegal currently conducts advanced online tutoring of  
Paralegals; and can be contacted for tutoring sessions at the following e-mail
address:  alpha.paralegal.online.tutor@gmail.com




" 44 Years of    
Makes The
Difference In   
Efficiency", By
Getting It Right
The 1st Time."

  • Bankruptcy, Chapters 7, 13 &  Plan of Reorganization
  • Creditors' Motion for Relief From  Automatic Stay;
  • Debtor Motions to Value Collateral; Avoid Liens; Cram Downs
  • Litigation Pleadings, Responses; Discovery, Law & Motion
  • Divorces, Agreements Surviving Bankruptcy, QDROs;
  • OSCs re Custody, Support, Move-Away, Modifications
  • Ex Parte Applications, Legal Separations, Annulments;
  • Civil Marvin Actions and Equalization Agreements;
  • Wills, Living Trusts, Dynasty Trusts, Property Transfers;
  • Guardianships, Conservatorships & Accountings;
  • Unlawful Detainers and Collections
  • Joint Venture Agreements, Timeshare Contracts
  • Criminal Defense Motions:  Motion to Suppress, 1538.5 PC
  • Motion to Dismiss,  995 Penal Code; Pitchess Motions;
  • Government Code Claims and Qui Tam Actions;
  • 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 Violations.


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